Fort Wayne mayoral candidates debate facts on key issues

Henry and Harper square off in mayoral debate

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — Mayoral candidate Mitch Harper held a news conference to sort out the facts of some key issues in the mayor’s race.

At Monday’s televised debate the candidates went head to head on several hot button issues: including crime, jobs and the legacy fund.

Throughout Mayor Henry’s campaign he has promoted a decrease in crime in Fort Wayne and an increase in jobs, among other things. Councilman Harper said that Mayor Henry is misleading voters.

“They’re not true. He’s put it out on mailings, he’s talked about it in press conferences. He should have been asked the tough questions before now,” said Harper. “But that’s the basis for his campaign. On crime, on economic development, on protection of the legacy fund. All of them shaky facts.”

Mayor Henry said this is just a desperate attempt for Councilman Mitch Harper to get ahead in the polls.

“Certainly with just four days to go before the election and according to his polls he’s down,” said Mayor Henry. “Desperate people do desperate things when they’re behind in the polls. So this doesn’t surprise me. This is a typical campaign move, to try to take what is the truth and warp it.”

15 Finds Out reporter Alyssa Ivanson did a fact check on some of these issues discussed at the debate. Read that article here.

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