Police: Ohio murder suspect confessed to N.C. authorities

MONTPELIER, Ohio (WANE) – Police in North Carolina captured a man who initially called 911 to report he’d “done something bad” and then confessed to murdering a man in Ohio.

According to the Surry County Sheriff’s Department in North Carolina, Bradly Gilbert, 22, Montpelier, Ohio, called 911 in North Carolina on Sunday but hung up before providing a lot of information. As police were heading to a home to check on the situation, a second 911 call was received from a woman who said Gilbert was drinking heavily and waving a firearm around while making threats to others in the home.

The second caller said Gilbert left the home with a machete.

Police eventually found Gilbert behind a guardrail near the home with a machete. Police said Gilbert gave up the weapon at the request of officers. He was transported to a hospital for a mental health evaluation. Upon his release on Monday, he was booked on a charge of resisting a public officer.

Mug shot of Bradly S. Gilbert provided by the Surry County, North Carolina Sheriff's Dept.
Mug shot of Bradly S. Gilbert provided by the Surry County, North Carolina Sheriff’s Dept.

Investigators learned from people inside the home where Gilbert originally called from that he made statements about killing a man in Ohio before traveling to North Carolina on Oct. 11. Surry County deputies contacted police in Williams County and confirmed a missing person report that was consistent with evidence they had collected at their first encounter with Gilbert.

During an interview with detectives Monday, Gilbert confessed to detectives he killed a man in Montpelier and that the victim’s body could be found on a remote walking trail. Authorities in North Carolina contacted law enforcement in Williams County to relay the information.

Montpelier police found a body near the Saint Joe River Trail, but did not release details until Tuesday.

The name of the victim is being withheld pending positive identification. Montpelier police have not said how long the body might have been near the walking trail.

The relationship between the victim and Gilbert is unknown. It’s also unknown why Gilbert was in North Carolina.

Gilbert is being held in the Surry County Detention Center on a charge of resisting a public officer and an aggravated murder charge in Ohio.

The incident is under investigation.

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