Police: ‘We’re just not comfortable with stopping now’

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) The Fort Wayne Police Department is asking for the public’s help solving the shooting death of a local teen in August. The death of Alonna Allison, 17, struck a chord with the community and investigators, said police spokesperson Officer Michael Joyner. Police issued a plea Tuesday morning.

“This struck close to home for a lot of families that have teenagers, it sent a very bad message in our community, in that these things have taken place, but for some reason, this one stood out. As police, investigators, as prosecutors, it struck us the same way,” said Joyner.

NewsChannel 15 spoke exclusively to Alonna Allison’s father.

“That night, she had just left home,” said Leroy Allison, Alonna’s father.

Allison remembers asking his daughter if she was wearing her new sneakers to her friend’s get-together, a recent birthday present.

“I don’t think she had any enemies and I’m not just saying that because she was my daughter,”said Allison.

It wasn’t an hour later on August 29 that they received the call that Allison had been shot in the 2500 block of Schaper Drive.

“On the way there, I just prayed for peace and strength and that’s really what has sustained me to this day, that prayer, because it’s been rough. should no parent have to go through this,” said Allison.

“We have been pursuing this unlike any other case,” said Joyner, “This is one in particular, where we’re just not comfortable with stopping now, we want additional information.”

Investigators interviewed several witnesses still at the party. However, they believe many left with critical information.

“There was a large amount of people that left that never came back, but there were those individuals that stayed because they wanted to do the right thing, because thay had a friend that was morbidly injured. They wanted to be a part of the process but there were individuals that out of fear, and understandably so, ran and never stopped,” said Joyner.

That’s why police need the public’s help coming forward with out retribution.

“As a community, we have the responsibility of stepping up when the time presents itself to do the right thing, today, right now, is the time to step up, be part of this community, to be part of what’s right about this community and let’s make a difference,” said Joyner.

Allison’s father said it’s been up to him to get closure, however he and the rest of the family want the shooter or shooters to pay the price.

“Whoever’s involved, they’re forgiven by me personally, because I can’t go through life with that in my heart,” said Allison, “These people should not have been able to walk the streets freely after doing something like that. If you say you love her, let’s see how much you love her.”

“You need to be a part of this, the family wants you to be a part of this, Alonna would want you to be part of this,” said Joyner.

If anyone has information, call Crime Stoppers at (260) 436-STOP. As always, the caller will remain anonymous.




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