FEMA denies Pence appeal for federal disaster funds

This photo was taken by Brian Henry and submitted via Report!t of flooding in Portland.

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — The Federal Emergency Management Agency has denied an appeal by Gov. Mike Pence that asked the federal agency to reconsider a decision denying disaster assistance to 19 storm-damaged counties.

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence
Indiana Gov. Mike Pence

The Indiana Department of Homeland Security announced Wednesday that FEMA denied the governor’s request, which would have helped pay for estimated $11 million in damages after severe summer storms pounded parts of the state.

FEMA initially ruled in September that the state was not eligible because the storms were two distinct weather events, not one continuous storm. That prompted Pence’s appeal, which was filed earlier this month.

It is unclear if Pence will take other action to seek federal help.

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