FWPD survey: What’s your opinion on police body cameras?

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) The Fort Wayne Police Department (FWPD) is asking for the public’s opinion on its addition of body cameras for some officers. FWPD has set up an online survey to determine what thoughts, questions or concerns, if any, there are about the FWPD’s use of body cameras.

Survey | Public’s opinion on use of body- worn video by FWPD officers

The body- worn camera (bwc) program is part of a $126,585 grant from the United States Department of Justice, which was awarded to the FWPD in September. The grant requires a 50/50 match by the department, along with developing a plan to store the video and pay for its storage.

The department will include that funding in its budget, which will have to be approved by City Council, according to FWPD spokesperson Michael Joyner.

The survey asks questions including how much someone supports the use of body cameras by the FWPD, what benefits it could have for officers and the community and what concerns someone might have as well.

As the survey states:

A body-worn camera is a small camera system worn by officers that clips to an officers uniform or worn as a headset. The system records video and sound from an officers location, but they do not see exactly the same things as the officer does; it is different than being there in person.

There are a total of seven questions, including a section on evaluating various statements. Click here to be directed to the website to take the survey.

The department did not say how the results of the survey would be used.

The grant should allow the department to get about 100 body cameras, Joyner said back in September. He expects the department to continue to get additional cameras for more officers with other grants in the future.

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