Jim Davis’s childhood home up for auction

Cartoonist Jim Davis's childhood home is up for auction near Fairmount.

FAIRMOUNT, Ind. (WANE) Ever wonder how cartoonist Jim Davis came up with the idea for his lasagna-loving cat named Garfield? We went inside his childhood home where it all started that’s now up for auction.

Down a long lane just outside of Fairmount sits a farmhouse on more than 50 acres of land.

“This house was the childhood home of Jim Davis,” Brandon Steffen, who is handling the auction, said. “He lived here through the ’50s. His original bedroom is still in the house.”

However, the house looks a lot different. What was once his bedroom is now a laundry room. Steffen said the house has been remodeled and added on to in the past years.

“They’ve added on to the property substantially beginning in the mid ’70s through the ’80s so it’s quite a bit different,” Steffen said.

What might be the most interesting tale is how the now famous orange tabby got his start on the small farm.

“The story goes that they had 25 cats roaming the property and Garfield was one of the 25 cats that roamed the property, so he was created right here at the farm,” Steffen said.

The Garfield comic strip didn’t make it into papers until 1978. According to Davis’s website, the famously lazy cat is in more than 2,100 newspapers and viewed by more than 200 million people across the world. Now, the place where it all started will go to the highest bidder, and Steffen said he can’t help but share its famous past.

“It’s really fun because as you take people through this house and you show them Jim Davis’s bedroom their face just lights up with a big smile, so it’s a real unique opportunity for us,” Steffen said.

The auction is Oct. 24  at 10:00 a.m. at 8035 S 500 East, Jonesboro, Indiana. It can be sold as one total property of about 53 acres, or two separate properties. For more information about the auction you can contact the Steffen Group at 260-426-0633.

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