Robbers hold pregnant woman at gunpoint, take frozen meat

A Fort Wayne woman said two men robbed her at gunpoint and stole frozen meat from her house.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) Wednesday started out as a normal day for Ashley McDonald, but when she was in her kitchen giving her sick dog medicine that all changed.

“A dude walked up behind me and told me, ‘Don’t turn around!’ I thought it was a game, so me being me I stood up and turned around anyway. Next thing you know I got a gun to my head,” McDonald recalled.

Two men broke into her home 3600 block of Avondale Drive, and eight-months pregnant, she was being held at gunpoint. Then one of the men started doing something strange.

“He went through my freezer,” McDonald said. “As he went through my freezer he glocked his gun but the bullets I guess dropped on the ground, so I tried opening the door and then my dog followed one of them. They started barking then next thing you know everyone ran outside.”

The men took frozen meat, vegetables and boxes of frozen waffles out of her freezer. She said they also moved the dresser in her baby’s room. What they took might surprise you.

“They took a pack of meat but it dropped right by the alley. I’m guessing they were looking for something but they got a pack of meat, so and then my dog ate it,” McDonald said.

She said the whole thing lasted less than three minutes, but she couldn’t believe the robber went through her freezer.

“That’s kind of awkward,” McDonald said. “He literally destroyed my kitchen and I literally just cleaned it in the process of cleaning my whole house.”

She lost some of her food, but the soon-to-be-mother said it could have been worse .

“I feel lucky for my baby, but I guess if I wasn’t pregnant it probably would have went a whole different way, but I wasn’t going to be too aggressive,” McDonald said.

No arrests have been made in this case.

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