Planned Parenthood funding in question, rally held

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) As lawmakers press for a government shutdown over the federal funding of Planned Parenthood, several rallies are being held across the country to support the company.

Tuesday was National Pink Out for Planned Parenthood, a day to give a voice to the importance of them staying in communities across the country. Erin Fogg of Fort Wayne on Fire, a group comprised of local activists, organized the rally.

“We’re not going to stand for having our rights taken away. We’re not going to stand for losing high-quality medical care, sex education, cancer testing and treatment and birth control,” said Fogg.

According to Planned Parenthood, one in five women has visited for healthcare, mostly low-income patients, many saying the company is its only healthcare provider.

“We don’t have healthcare providers in place to meet the needs, particularly of our most unfortunate persons living in the margin, persons who need assistance with their healthcare costs,” said Betty Cockrum, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky, “Nobody does more than we do to reduce the number of abortions in the state because of education and because of birth control.”

The facility in Fort Wayne does not perform abortions, however, Cathy Humbarger, Executive Director of Allen County Right to Life, argues that there many others that do, using taxpayer dollars.

“There is no case to be made that 23 Planned Parenthood facilities in this state would even be missed if they did not receive taxpayer money and if they close their doors,” said Humbarger.

Humbarger said she’s keeping a close eye on Congress’ decision, with her mind also on recent news, videos allegedly showing Planned Parenthood doctors selling fetal tissue to researchers for profit.

“No amount of good that they do is going to dilute the fact that we’re ending up with dead little boys and girls,” said Humbarger, “The unfettered annihilation of innocent little children is intolerable and it must stop and as the conscience of this country is made aware of what’s going on behind the closed doors of the abortion business and the largest abortion provider in the country is Planned Parenthood, they will quickly conclude that it’s time for this to end.”

“What we’re seeing is a resurgence of those heretofore quiet supporters who are now given voice, who are now sending donations, who are now letting their members of Congress know that what’s happening, is not acceptable,” said Cockrum.

Of the 23 locations in Indiana, the site in Fort Wayne is among 17 that are not federally funded. Those sites raise private funds, have medicaid licenses, self-pay and patient insurance coverage.


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