New Haven farm prepares for Luke Bryan concert

Banner welcoming Luke Bryan outside M & J Farms in New Haven

NEW HAVEN, Ind. (WANE) – Country music superstar Luke Bryan will kick off his eight-city Farm Tour Wednesday night in New Haven. Mick and Jane Lomont of M & J Farms agreed to host the concert in February and said it’s been a flurry of activity to get everything ready.

“You know, a lot of stuff goes into it, but everyone has just been wonderful to work with and people see us and say thanks a lot for doing this and so it makes you appreciate that,” Mick said. “It’s exciting. We’ve got the fence up and the kids and neighbors, everybody has been real helpful.”

The sold-out show is expected to bring 20,000 fans to the field across from the Lomont’s house on Girard Road. Around 7,200 cars will fill the lots next door.

“I just think it’s going to be overwhelming to see that amount of people. When I pulled the blinds up this morning, I thought oh boy, maybe tomorrow, we better keep them down,” Mick said.

For the Lomonts, this show is bringing more attention to their New Haven farm than ever before.

“It’s just been a topic of conversation everywhere we go, and of course with family you know, they’ve just been waiting and now it’s here,” Mick said.

“All day yesterday, just constant. It’s like a parade and sometimes they come five at a time. I can’t even imagine it tomorrow,” Jane said. “Sunday especially, a lot of people coming out and saying well, we’re just going to see where this place is.”

A crew of around 300 people from Luke Bryan’s team is expected to arrive after midnight Wednesday to set up everything overnight.

“It gives you an appreciation for a tour because of the coordination and everything and everybody being here at the right time,” Mick said.

A tour like this takes teamwork from everyone. Luckily, the weather looks like it’ll cooperate too.

“Of course, the big unknown has been the weather. We’ve had you I can’t even tell you how many people praying for dry weather that week,” Mick said. “Rain is a good thing, at the right time. That’s right, but not on the 30th though.”

The cover crop Mick planted to protect the fields should prevent any major damage. There’s also Luke Bryan’s promise from when he met the Lomonts at his Indianapolis concert in August.

“He of course thanked us for having it and he said now, Mick, if that farm isn’t looking just as good when we leave as when we come, you call me, but I forgot to get his cell phone number,” Mick said.

This concert is also turning into a family reunion of sorts. Five of the Lomont’s six children are coming back as well as many of their grandchildren and extended family.

“A good time and a good memory. I think that’s right. And it is, it’s something for us too. We were just talking the other night about how our grandkids will say remember when Grandma and Grandpa had the concert at their house and how fun it was and they’re all helping so they’re all involved,” Jane said.

“I think probably the biggest thing is for our whole family to walk in there and meet Luke and get our picture taken. That’s going to be a pretty big deal,” Mick said.

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