FAA continues investigation into plane crash near Smith Field

Police are searching for a missing passenger after a plane crashes in Fort Wayne.

Federal authorities are investigating how and why a small plane crashed into a neighborhood near the Smith Field Airport over the weekend. There are still many unanswered questions surrounding the case. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) took over the case and are refusing to comment until the investigation is complete.

The FAA did confirm that the the Cessna 150 took off from Smith Field. It’s unclear when the plane took off, but it was headed back to the airport when it crashed woman’s backyard in the 14-hundred block of Ludwig Park Drive early Saturday morning. No one in the neighborhood or on the ground was injured.

According to public records filed with the FAA, the plane was registered to Jeffrey Mills. Newschannel 15 talked with some of Mills’ neighbors who confirmed that he does own a plane. Authorities will not confirm if Mills was involved in the crash.

Police believe there were two people in the plane when it went down. One of the people took off after the crash. The other was treated for minor injuries at the scene. Investigators said they do believe they have that person’s identity and were working to find where that person. Police have not released any names. Authorities will not confirm if the missing person has been located.

The FAA said it can take a few weeks to complete the investigation.

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