Spotlight on Fort4Fitness

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) Closed streets, water stations and thousands of people cheering- It’s all part of the annual Fort4Fitness (F4F) Fall Festival. Every year about 10,000 people sign up to race in the various events including the Kids Marathon, Seniors Race, 4mile, 10K and Half-Marathon.

Unofficial race results are in, times can be viewed here.

The race is not only a chance for the community to gather together, but also a way to highlight some special individuals at the heart of the Summit City.

First time F4F racer sets new 10K record

Bill McManus finished the 10K in a little over 32 minutes, beating the 2014 finishing time of about 35 minutes. McManus has been running since he was a child, starting out racing in 5Ks. Running is just in his blood. Learn more about this year’s winner in the video above.

A different look for this year’s race

Alicia McMahon looked a bit different this year running the Fort4Fitness 10K. This year, she has hair. She’s a survivor of breast cancer and has been running in the F4F for five years. She said she wouldn’t miss it for the world. You can her advice she has for others going having health issues in the video above.

The sound that starts the race

Not every runner will see the cannon that start each race, but they most certainly will hear it. Tom Grant with the Old Fort Cannon Crew gives a demonstration of the cannon used in Saturday’s F4F races. Check that out in the video above.

Passion that pushes forward

Nine-year-old Cole competed in F4F’s 10K. He said he had been doing track at the YMCA for a while and so he figured why not join F4F. He added that he was a bit nervous before the race, but once he got going, those nerves faded away. You can hear more from Cole in the video above.

Summer days spent preparing for the half-marathon

This is the third time Stephanie has participated in F4F. She said in 2014 her goal was to beat her half-marathon time, which she did. This year, it’s all about enjoying the event, even if it takes a little longer. She said she’s been preparing all summer for the half-marathon. Hear more from Stephanie, and get a look at a special supporter (an adorable girl) of another runner in the video above.

It takes a village 

It’s not just about the runners Saturday. Some neighborhoods take the job of cheering on the runners very seriously. For example, Williams Woodland Park residents come out in full force for Fort4Fitness. The children dress up and neighbors decorate the street, it’s something they look forward to all year, according to Terri Stumps, Neighborhood Association Vice-President.

The essence of Sandra: Energy

Back in March, Sandra Payton joined Fort Wayne’s Smallest Winner to get in shape. Months later she’s looking great, and she’s ready to take on the Fort4Fitness 4-mile run. We asked Payton what she did to prepare for the race, and she said, “You just say let’s go do it!” Her attitude is just one thing that keeps her motivated to stay healthy.

Race teams helping build confidence 

My Team Triumph provides an opportunity for people with disabilities to participate in endurance races. The northeast Indiana group came from Warsaw. Five teams crossed the finish line Saturday in the group’s first Fort4Fitness race. Racer Jamin Irwin is from Ackron, Ind. and he said crossing the finish line he felt confident and great. To learn more about the organization, click here.


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