Holiday tradition delayed downtown

The Fort Wayne Parks Board approved a $200,000 request to help pay for the replacement of 36,000 square feet of concrete at Headwaters Park Lincoln Pavilion.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) The concrete floor of the Headwaters Park pavilion will be replaced and doubled in thickness after major deterioration was discovered.

The city’s Parks Board on Thursday approved a $200,000 contribution toward a project to replace 36,000 square feet of concrete at the pavilion. The Headwaters Park Alliance will contribute an additional $275,000 to complete project for a total of $475,000.

The replacement comes after the original 3-inch-thick concrete has badly deteriorated. Park officials said that is due to heavy traffic at the pavilion, including large trucks that have driven on the pad with various equipment. The cold from the ice skating rink has also had a negative effect on the concrete, officials said.

To remedy that, the new concrete pad will be 6-inch-thick and steel enforced. It has a life-expectancy at least 30 years, officials said.

The project will also include the removal of a little-know fountain that is installed in the middle of the pavilion beneath the pad. The fountain had initially been installed for use when the pavilion wasn’t in use, but the venue’s popularity has rendered the fountain largely useless.

The entire project will delay the opening of the ice skating rink, which typically opens the Friday before Thanksgiving. Now, Headwaters Park Alliance Director Geoff Paddock said he hopes the rink will open by Christmas.

The work is being done now rather than in the spring to avoid interfering with the summer festival season, officials said.

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