EACS bus hit by railroad crossing arm

An East Allen County Schools bus was caught briefly under a railroad crossing arm Wednesday afternoon.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) An East Allen County Schools bus was briefly caught under a railroad crossing arm Wednesday afternoon as it transported students home on the city’s far-east side.

A viewer using our ReportIt feature sent a photo of the bus as it appeared trapped under the crossing arm at the tracks at Meyer Road near Oxford Street. The photo shows a freight train in front of the bus on the tracks.

Dave Myers, the district’s transportation direction, said the bus had been stopped at the crossing as a train was stopped on the tracks, apparently split into two lengths by workers there.

Myers said a railroad worker then motioned for the driver to proceed through a gap in the trains at the crossing and pass around, seemingly to avoid making it wait for the train to pass through.

As the driver did so, Myers said the crossing gate came down atop the bus. The driver stayed put for a few moments so not to scratch the bus, Myers said, before the gate raised. The bus then proceeded through.

“My guy didn’t ram the signal,” said Myers. “The railroad employee was just trying to help our bus and get him across. Little did he know…”

Myers said the driver reported the incident immediately.

No children on the bus were injured or in any danger, Myers said. The bus was not damaged.

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