Whiting refinery back up as gas prices fall

WHITING, Ind. (WANE) BP confirmed Tuesday its northwestern Indiana refinery is back online, as gas prices at the pump continue to trend down.

BP said Tuesday it has safely restarted its crude distillation unit at its Whiting refinery, some two weeks after the sprawling Whiting refinery that produces 10 percent of the Midwest’s gasoline was shutdown for repairs.

The recovery comes as oil prices continue their apparent free-fall, moving under $39 a barrel Monday morning, the lowest in over six and a half years, according to GasBuddy. That has led to prices at Indiana pumps to fall 19.8 cents per gallon, the biggest drop in the nation.

Locally, gas prices at the pump are as low as $2.68 per gallon around the city, down from as high as $2.99 a gallon at some Fort Wayne stations two weeks ago, a spike tied to the issues in Whiting. Though BP operates the refinery, the gas produced is supplied to to various brands, impacting a slew of stations and not only BP.

Patrick DeHaan, a senior petroleum analyst at GasBuddy, said Tuesday he expects a 20-50 cent drop “if all goes well” over next two weeks. He said prices at the pump could fall below $2 per gallon in some cases by Halloween.

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