Local runner has national impact

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Kelsey Hudson is a local mom of a three-year-old girl.  When her daughter was about to turn one, Kelsey realized she needed to get in shape if she was going to keep up with her daughter.  Later that year she ran the Fort4Fitness half marathon.  She says she also started running to set an example for her daughter, who now runs with her.

Two years later, Kelsey is registered to run the Triple Crown at Fort4Fitness this year.  That is the 10K, followed immediately by the half marathon, and then the 4 mile race to finish.  She will be running 23.3 miles that morning and earning 4 medals, one from each of the three individual races and one for the overall Triple Crown event.

This year, though, Kelsey has asked Fort4Fitness if she can have 8 medals.  She is a part of IRun4, an organization that allows runners to donate their miles to someone with disabilities.  Her “buddy” is a three-year-old little girl with Down syndrome in Southern California. All the miles Kelsey runs while training and in her races are donated to this little girl.  Kelsey hopes to send 4 medals, one from each race, to her buddy to inspire her.  After Kelsey runs the Triple Crown at Fort4Fitness, she will run a full marathon a month later and is looking at a 50K (31 miles) in December.

For more information on IRun4 or to apply to be a part of the group, click here.

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