Community a theme in FWCS start of year success

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) School is in session. The first couple weeks of school have passed for Fort Wayne Community Schools, and that has meant a few weeks of adjustments in the new school year.

“This is what we live for. Although we’re year round in terms of administrators, just having kids come back, it energizes everyone,” FWCS Superintendent Dr. Wendy Robinson said while on NewsChannel 15’s First News Saturday.

Robinson talked about transportation and construction at FWCS schools, which has impacted how FWCS schools started the year.

With a cut in transportation funds, the district has more students walking and riding bikes. Robinson said the district was prepared and had help from the community to make that transition as smooth as possible. Additional safety measures were set in place, including hiring additional safety guards and having extra officers and firefighters keeping an eye on traffic.

“It’s not what we wanted to have to do, but with tax cuts that’s the result,” Robinson said regarding the change in transportation.

Robinson also expressed her gratitude to the community when it came to construction and building improvements.

“We were extremely frugal, did what we needed to do, but we think we’ve been good stewards of tax payers dollars,” Robinson said.  “It’ is absolutely amazing to see what can happen…We tried to make certain we did upgrades but we didn’t really add any additional square footage.”

Robinson specifically mentioned several schools, including Snider, Portage, Northwood and Bloomingdale that were included in improvements.

“What’s noticeable for the students and the teachers and the parents inside: The lighting, the windows, and most of those buildings obviously need upgrading in the air conditioning,” she said. “We are so appreciative and we want to make sure the community understands- we’re saving money.”

Robinson anticipates starting a conversation about upgrades in other buildings. They’ve already upgraded 10 buildings, Robinson said, adding that the school district has more than 50 buildings it takes care of.

To hear more about the start to school year for FWCS, play the video at the top.

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