Working healthy: Fort Wayne’s Smallest Winner brings program to business

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) Eating great, working out and overall just living a healthy life doesn’t stop when you are at work. Fort Wayne’s Smallest Winner (FWSW), an organization with a mission to help people struggling with their weight, has partnered with an area business to spread its mission and make healthy living a part of the daily grind.

Brotherhood Mutual, an insurance company focused on helping ministries, has had its own FWSW contest with its employees. The employees work out with a trainer a few times a week from FWSW for 12 weeks- similar to FWSW’s 15 week regular program.

“It’s fun. We get to take sedentary people that haven’t necessarily worked out and we get to show how fun it can be to work out and what it feels like to live a healthy lifestyle and be active,” E.J. Whitney, a trainer with FWSW, said while on News Channel 15’s First News Sunday. “The benefits we see from the program are outstanding.”

Frank Murphy, an employee at Brotherhood Mutual and a former winner of FWSW, said Brotherhood Mutual staff has been supportive of everyone participating.

“You see [participants] in the hallway and people are patting them on their back or they’re really interested and encouraging.” Murphy added that not every work place is as supportive as Brotherhood Mutual, which has made it even easier to have the program.

This is the second year Brotherhood Mutual has done its own version of FWSW.

Founder of FWSW Rick Walters said several other companies have approached the organization about doing a similar program.

“It’s a possibility and we would love to do it. I think it makes them more productive as an employee…” Walters said. “Obviously with health costs going off the chart, it’s amazing how in 12 weeks we can change their blood sugar and blood lipids and really do some drastic things in such a short period of time.”

FWSW recently finished its eighth season of helping people make healthy changes and lose weight.


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