Kate’s Kart receives donation to help hospitalized kids

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) An area business gave a generous donation to an organization that gives thousands of books to kids in the hospital. Great Clips donated $500 and books to Kate’s Kart, a group that helps children in the hospital find comfort by reading.

After the passing of Krista Layman’s daughter, Kate, in January 2008, the family made it their mission to promote reading for kids in the hospital. Along with hundreds of volunteers, the organization hands out new books to hospitalized children.  Family and friends joined together to collect books for the Laymans, and soon a fundraiser was organized to help stock the rolling book cart with books.  

“My husband and I were just really encouraged to give back to the hospital community after we spent over 180 days with our daughter, Kate,” said Krista Layman, director of Kate’s Kart,  “It’s really been a great healing process for my husband and I to know that they’re smiling because of our little Kate. To see volunteers, to see community stepping up all because of Kate, to give back, to make life in the hospital a little bit better for everybody.”

“Great Clips has a long tradition of supporting local charitable organizations, whether it’s sending kids with Muscular dystrophy to summer camp in the spring, or kids coming into our salons to have their haircut to donate, we have a special place for kids in our heart and so when we heard about Kate’s Kart and the wonderful mission and work that those guys are doing, it was just a great fit for us,” said Keith Niehaus, President of Great Clips, “I don’t know how you can’t support a great organization like this.”

The organization wants to promote literacy and encourage children, and their families, to read on an ongoing basis. Kate’s Kart gives out about 2,000 books to kids in the hospital every month. They’re 100 percent funded by donations and grants from the community.

“We are just so honored to be the recipients from Great Clips and the more minutes campaign,” Layman said. “It’s just overwhelming to be able to give these books to kids in the hospital. We give out about 2,000 books to kids in the hospital, every month.  This donation alone, will probably impact over a 100 kids.”

As of June 30, 2015, Kate’s Kart has donated more than 102,000 books to 16 hospitals. The organization has a waiting list for volunteers. You can help Kate’s Kart by donating funds or books by visiting its website.

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