Bounce and run: Inflatable 5K gets people off their feet

Fort Wayne's first Insane Inflatable 5K had nearly 2,700 people in attendance.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) There are several different types of 5K fun-runs to do around the country. Some include fun colors, some include mud, but there’s only one Insane Inflatable 5K.

“It’s the wildest, bounciest 5K that’s ever been here,” Stuart Kaul, co-founder of Insane Inflatable 5K said Saturday at the first event like this in Fort Wayne. It combines the fun of a bounce house with the atmosphere of a fun run.

“It’s not a race. It’s not about time. It’s purely about people coming out and just having fun,” Kaul said.

Kaul and his friend, who is also the co-founder of Insane Inflatable 5K, were sitting at a hotel bar in Florida about three years ago. After a drink or two they started to play with the idea of designing their own fun run and settled on the idea of using inflatables.

“We jotted down ideas on bar napkins, we started putting sketches in. We submitted it to the leading manufacture of inflatables and said ‘do you think you can do this?’” he said.

And here they are, two years later.

Each year, the inflatable company the 5K works with designs eleven custom inflatables, making each year’s race different. The organization has had more than 70 inflatable 5Ks since it began.

Nearly 2,700 runners joined in on the fun in the Summit City, something that was very good news to Kaul.

“We had multiple people tell us Indiana is a great place to do fun runs. You know, we thought about Indy, but it’s too big. So we kind of wanted to look for a little smaller city maybe not all of our competitors go to. We saw Fort Wayne had the right population and a lot of people kept saying Fort Wayne, Fort Wayne… So we thought ‘let’s just give it a shot,’” he said. “And we don’t regret it.”

This year’s race took place at The Plex North on E. California Road. Registration started at $49. Don’t worry if you missed out on the fun.

“We’ll be back next year,” Kaul said.

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