Local chef takes up beekeeping to help environment

ROANOKE, Ind. (WANE) A local chef turned beekeeper, recently started taking care of approximately 80,000 bees in her own backyard because she wants to help our nation’s cause.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, some beekeepers began reporting losses of 30 to 90 percent of their hives. More recently, in August 2014, a federal survey said more than 40 percent of honeybee colonies have died.

Laura Wilson, Chef of La Dolce Vita in downtown Roanoke became a beekeeper to help our national and local agriculture.

“The bees are responsible for most of our food and they’re on a decline and nobody and really knows why. We all have our reasons why we think and I think the only way it’s going to help is for people like me and you to have colonies and it’s really interesting,” said Wilson.

Wilson said she checks on her bees a couple times during the summer months to make sure they’re healthy and how honey production is going.

Laura Wilson moves around the dividers to make sure bees aren't becoming overpopulated with honey.
Laura Wilson moves around the dividers to make sure bees aren’t becoming overpopulated with honey.

La Dolce Vita is located at 165 South Main Street and now serving lunch on Wednesdays at its new location.


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