Wandering black bear returns to Indiana after Michigan visit

MICHIGAN CITY, Ind. (AP) — A wild black bear that’s been roaming far northern Indiana for nearly two months has returned to Indiana after a short trip home to Michigan.

Indiana Department of Natural Resources biologist Budd Veverka says the bear re-entered a wooded area near Michigan City, Indiana, on Monday after spending time in adjacent Michigan.

Wildlife officials have been trying to capture the young male, which in early June became Indiana’s first confirmed wild back bear presence since 1871 after wandering south from Michigan.

DNR staff set two barrel traps for the bear this month after it began making forays onto residential property, overturning trash cans and bird feeders while searching for food.

Veverka say those traps are baited with sardines, liquid smoke, honey and marshmallows in hopes of luring the bear inside.

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