Can all 16 candidates be heard in GOP race?

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – The field could finally be set, and there may be little room for any more. With Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s announcement Tuesday that he will run for president, the Republicans now have 16 people all vying for the nomination.

That means there are 16 voices voters are trying to listen to and make an educated vote come May.

It’s a task that might not be easy.

“This is the problem that there are so many voices out there and you have some voices that kind of are going to make more news,” said IPFW political science professor Michael Wolf at the Mike Downs Center for Indiana Politics.

Some candidates have already gone more press time than others.

NewsChannel 15 spoke with several Indiana voters Tuesday afternoon. The only Republican candidate who could be named was Donald Trump.

“He’s a media superstar,” said Wolf.  “He draws attention to him and away from the other candidates.”

Getting no headlines or face time with the media could be a candidates nightmare. There are already reports that the first debate, scheduled for early August in Ohio, will only bring 10 of the 16 candidates in for the event.

Wolf said the candidate who wins the nomination could end up with 20 percent of the total nationwide vote.

Voters have mix feelings on whether 16 candidates is too many or not.

“It shows we have plenty of people qualified as Republicans,” said Ohio voter, John Metzner, Jr.

In 2012, there were 11 Republicans who at least appeared on two primary ballots.

“At this point, I feel we need a big choice to give us a variety of different candidates,” said Dan Baska.

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