Ikasucon convention highlights Japanese Anime

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) Thousands of fans of Japanese Anime are hitting up Summit City this weekend.

The Ikasucon convention is being held at the Grand Wayne Center. It’s a Japanese gaming, animation, and pop culture convention. Fans can meet with voice coaches, voice directors, and animators who are hosting workshops and Q&A sessions. The highlight of the weekend is tonight’s Cos-play Masquerade Ball.

There are many different types of conventions across the country, but organizers say the fan base for Ikasucon is very loyal.

“So you have your science fiction convention where people are dressed up from StarTrek and Star Wars. You’ll have your comic book conventions where people are dressed up as super heros. The grand majority of our attendess dress up from Japanese animation and manga,” relations director Caitlin Patrick-Nickels said.

The convention draws about 2,000 vistors each year.

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