Indiana relaxes bird show ban imposed due to avian flu

In this May 11, 2015 photo provided by John Gaps III, men in hazardous materials suits load dead poultry to be buried at Rose Acre Farms, Inc., just west of Winterset, Iowa. (John Gaps III via AP)

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana officials who imposed a statewide ban on bird shows in response to a deadly avian flu have relaxed that emergency rule so that it applies only to poultry species.

The State Board of Animal Health voted 8-0 on Thursday to make the change effective Friday.

The revised rule allows owners of parrots, canaries and other non-poultry birds to resume selling them at flea markets and other settings.

The board also authorized ending on Sept. 17 Indiana’s poultry show ban that’s keeping chickens, ducks and other birds out of county fairs and August’s Indiana State Fair.

Indiana imposed its statewide ban May 27 in hopes of preventing the spread of a bird flu that’s killed nearly 50 million birds, primarily chickens and other commercial poultry, mostly in the Upper Midwest.

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