Police: Man arrested after pointing shotgun at neighbors

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Fort Wayne police were called to a disturbance near the intersection of Rudisill Boulevard and Clinton Street Sunday evening and NewsChannel 15 was told that a man was arrested by the Gang and Violent Crimes Unit. rudisill disturbance 2

More than half a dozen squad cars were on the scene at one point and several viewers called NewsChannel 15 asking what was going on. An officer at the scene told us that a man was in his yard waving a shotgun around and pointing it at people and cars going by. Neighbors called 911, and the officer said when the man heard police were coming, he threw the gun over a fence.

Officers did a background check on the man and found out he is “a serious, violent felon.”

The Gang and Violent Crimes Unit arrested him for illegally being in possession of a firearm. The officer did not tell us the man’s name.

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