City releases details of winter weather emergency shelter plan

Mayor Henry poses with others following the announcement of a winter weather emergency shelter plan for Fort Wayne.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) An agreement regarding a plan on how to provide shelter for people in times of extremely cold weather has been reached between the City of Fort Wayne and multiple agencies that provide assistance for the less fortunate and homeless in the community.

The winter weather emergency shelter plan will go into effect July 1 and last until June 30, 2016 with renewal subject to the agreement of all parties which include the Salvation Army, Rescue Mission, United Way of Allen County, Park Center, and Just Neighbors Interfaith Homeless Network.

The following were listed as highlights of the agreement during a Thursday morning news conference:

  • The City of Fort Wayne will take the lead in activating the Winter Contingency/Emergency Shelter Plan. The City will seek flexibility and support from partner agencies as to when the plan is activated. At the current time, the plan would be activated because of temperature, wind chill, and/or any other emergency weather situation. Weather factors would include temperatures of 10 degrees or below and wind chills of zero or below.
  • The Salvation Army shall serve as the lead agency among partners. They will set protocol and expectations for behavior of clients and staff, as well as curfews and grounds for dismissal at the shelter.
  • Shelter: The Rescue Mission will provide additional overnight accommodations for single men until its space is exhausted. The Salvation Army will provide shelter overnight for single men and single women. The Salvation Army and Just Neighbors will work together to determine emergency space for families and couples.
  • Transportation: The Salvation Army and the Rescue Mission will provide transportation from warming shelters or other resource locations to the shelter sites. In extreme cases of need, the Fort Wayne Police Department may be asked to provide transportation.


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