Police seek information regarding cold case killing from 1972

Photo of Phyllis Bailer who was murdered in 1972.

ALLEN COUNTY, Ind. (WANE)  On Friday, July 7, 1972, Phyllis Bailer, 27, and her three-year-old daughter left Indianapolis to visit her parents in Bluffton.  Bailer never made it to Bluffton; instead her body was found lying in a ditch in Allen County the following day with her unharmed daughter.  Indiana State Police and Allen County Police are hoping someone can provide them with information to crack the case.

What they do know is Bailer’s car, a 1965 Ford, overheated on I-69 in Grant County just north of State Road 26.

A photo of Phyllis Bailer's car, a 1965 Ford.
A photo of Phyllis Bailer’s car, a 1965 Ford.

It was found abandoned on July 8 on the interstate with the hood up.  A short time later that same day is when Ruth Logar, who was visiting her parents house down the street, reported finding a woman lying in a ditch with a child. Bailer’s body and the child were found in the grass on West Road north of Shoaff Road in Allen County just northeast of Huntertown.

“I knew I never read anything about it being solved. I’m glad they’re reopening it again because obviously, it was a terrible crime and whoever did it should be punished,” said Logar.

Police said Bailer had been shot to death.

Bailer’s whereabouts are unknown from the evening of July 7 to about noon on July 8. However, police believe Bailer and her daughter got in a car with someone else after hers overheated. They don’t believe she knew the person or persons.

“I can just imagine what the family and the daughter’s going through, just every day since 1972,” said Indiana State Police Detective Kevin Smith, “We would love to solve this case for them. That’s the business we’re in. We do this job as well as we can, hopefully, we can get something on this that will help us move it forward.”

Police ask anyone with information that could help them solve Bailer’s murder to contact Detective Smith at 260-432-8661 or Allen County Police Lieutenant Geray Farrell at 260-449-7435.


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