Homeowners still picking up after flooding

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) The end is far from over for homeowners hit hardest by the flood. While the water has gone down, many homes are left with thousands of dollars worth of damage and some families aren’t sure what to do first.

The city has reported between ten and 15 homes damaged. Genevieve Treace and her family’s home is one of them. She said they came home to find their freezer on its side and the dehumidifier, couch and television floating in the water. They’ve spent the week sifting through all their belongings: toys, food, Christmas decorations and broken appliances. Their still trying to figure out what has to be thrown out and what can be salvaged.

“It’s stressful. I don’t know what all I’ve lost,” said Treace.

With sandbags barricading their home and dried up river water coating their yard, the family has been stranded since the flood.

“I finally got my first official shower last night. I almost felt like a new woman but, I still smell like river and that’s what my house smells like. They say that rain will wash that smell away, I’m afraid of rain, I don’t want any,” said Treace.

With countless items that have to be thrown out, the family expects clean up to take months.

“What do you do? I don’t know what to do. I would love for somebody to say, ‘hey Genny, Mrs. Treace, I’m from so and so and let me walk you through this, this is what can be done,’ they haven’t and if they haven’t, how many other people are wondering the same thing?”

Assistance arrived Tuesday afternoon. Crews removed sandbags that blocked the family’s road and replaced them with a dumpster. Once the rain chances move out of the area, the city encourages residents to put sandbags in a pile curbside where crews can later pick them up.

More immediately, residents can still take them to the biosolids facility located at 6202 Lake Avenue, free of charge.

For questions, the city encourages residents to call 311.

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