Crews work to clean up after water recedes from Foster Park

After flood waters filled the park, crews are starting to clean and sanitize the hardest hit areas.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) It’s a different scene at Foster Park just days after a large part of it was under water. Crews are planting flowers and starting to clean up areas hit hardest by the flood.

“The smell will eventually go away in two or three days once some heat kills the bacteria, but as far as the mud cleanup on the entry, the pathways and tennis courts the fire department is helping to get that mud off,” Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation Director Al Moll said.

Moll said crews will also clean bacteria left behind by the flood water.

“Obviously we’ll go through and sanitize anything like benches and fences,” Moll said. “We’ll go back with all of the pavilions and sanitize everything.”

It’s too early to know exactly how much the cleaning and damage will cost.

“We’re hoping that the damage at the golf course and the other venues throughout the city that got impacted by the flood, the cost will hopefully be less than $100,000,” Moll said.

Plus, he said the revenue loss at Foster Park alone is about $150,000 since the golf course is closed and several outdoor events have been moved.

“If you take the loss of the cost and also the loss of the revenue, you’re talking probably a quarter of a million dollars, which is a big hit for the park department,” Moll said.

Between the flood, cleaning up and revenue lost Moll is staying positive.

“2015 will just be a tough summer, but we’ll get it up and running. It will be fine,” Moll said.

Moll expects the park to be clean and open in about two weeks. He said it could be three to four weeks before the golf course opens again.

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