Brightpoint waits for city’s approval on project

CANI was officially announced as brightpoint on Wednesday, May 6, 2015.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – It may be on a time crunch for funding, but that won’t make city officials force their hand on a housing and entrepreneur project. Brightpoint waits for city council’s response as it plans a nearly $8 million development.

Brightpoint, formally called CANI, wants to turn the old Taylor University dorms along West Rudisill Boulevard into a housing/work area. It would include 48 low-incoming housing units.

The non-profit organization is in the midst of two approvals from the city to help its chances in landing state tax credits. One is getting a tax abatement from Fort Wayne. The other is getting the land rezoned to commercial use.

Tuesday night, council was scheduled to hold a public hearing regarding the tax abatement. However, council postponed the hearing beforehand to give councilmen more time to look over the project and hear from more people.

“No matter what we decide, no one will be able to say we really didn’t listen,” said council president John Crawford, R-At-large. “This is one of those where no matter how you vote, either the neighbors are going to be mad or the developers are going to be mad. That’s just how these are. So you want to get all your information and make the best long-term decision and that’s what we’re here for.”

Last week the Fort Wayne Plan Commission gave a no recommendation, which equals out to a neutral vote – compared to a favorable or unfavorable decision – in regards to rezoning the land.

Ultimately, council will decide if the property can be used for commercial use or not. Crawford added council rarely votes against the commission’s decision, but the neutral decision means they will have no recommendation to base their opinions on.

Council has rescheduled the public hearing for Tuesday, July 7 at 5:30 during the regularly scheduled council meeting.

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