Sandbaggers fight flooding in Ft. Wayne neighborhood

Volunteers were called for to help sandbagging efforts in Waynedale.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) The City of Fort Wayne is asking people who want to help with sandbagging efforts to call 311 to find out where they are most needed. Sandbagging efforts will continue Friday with football teams from area high schools.

Thursday morning a request was made for volunteers to help with sandbagging to raise the height of the levee in the Waynedale neighborhood of Bradbury/Prairie Grove/Broadripple. The Fairfield Ditch is creeping over the levee. Sandbagging is taking place in four other parts of the city.

Work began at about 7:00 a.m. and will continue into the afternoon. Volunteers should have gloves and may want to wear boots.

Residents can access the area by turning north from Lower Huntington Road — onto Bradbury. They area that will be sandbag is about 5 blocks north of Lower Huntington Road.

There were about 130 volunteers who helped between three different neighborhood locations Thursday.

Several organizations pitched in to help, including:

  • Boy Scouts form Syracuse, Indiana
  • Air National Guard
  • University of St. Francis Football Team
  • Community Corrections
  • City staff members from: Parks, Community Development, Fire, Police, Public Works, City Utilities


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