Area prepares for more flooding

Water seeps out of a road due to flooding in Huntington.

HUNTINGTON COUNTY, Ind. (WANE) – Flooding issues subsided for a bit, but water levels are expected to rise once again with more rain in the forecast.

People in Huntington County were the first to see flooding problems. It began early Tuesday morning when about 10 homes in Andrews had to be evacuated.

Andrews Volunteer Fire Department held a meeting Wednesday night to prepare for more flooding, if and when it comes.

“We’ve lined up boats, life jackets, and hip waders for the firemen and for people we might have to move from flood waters,” said Andrews Fire Chief Tom Wuensch.

Since Tuesday’s flooding and evacuations, Wuensch and his staff made a list of people who might need help getting out of their home because of any physical limitations. The chief said anyone else who thinks may need help if flooding occurs should call him to be on the list. Wuensch can be reached at 260-786-0150.

His department has also addressed fire service problems have could have risen from flooding wiping out train tracks. On Tuesday, firefighters were working to control the flooding at Loon Creek when they heard a loud pop. They came down the road to find a train had gone over the railroad tracks, forcing the tracks to crumble into the water below.

“We do have train traffic at this time,” said the chief. “It is down to a walk speed throughout town. We’re moving one of the fire trucks and first responder gear on the south side of the train tracks until the railroad is fixed.”

Norfolk Southern may need two to three weeks to finish the repairs.

Down the road at Huntington, sandbags continue to be offered. Homes along East State Street have sandbags along their backyards and have setup sump pumps to remove water from their properties.

Officials in Huntington have said sand will continue to be made available as long as it’s needed.


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