Pro-choice group puts Gov. Pence “on notice”

A group that supports pro-choice women running for office has put Gov. Pence "on notice" (photo courtesy: Emily's List).

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WANE) – An organization aligned with the Democratic Party that supports pro-choice women running for office has put Indiana Gov. Mike Pence “on notice.”

Emily’s List published a blog post Tuesday on Tumblr claiming that Pence “Has a long record of prioritizing policies that are dangerous to women and families and damaging to the Indiana economy, most recently with his signing of a bill that legalized discrimination against the LGBT community in Indiana.”

The blog post lists several reasons why Emily’s List has targeted Pence.

Emily’s List said Pence is a target because he signed a discriminatory “Religious Freedom” bill, repeatedly opposed equal pay legislation, and attempted to deny Planned Parenthood federal funding.

Indiana Right to Life president and CEO, Mike Ficheter responded to the news.

“EMILY’s List believes nothing should limit abortion access,” Ficheter said in a press release. “EMILY’s List would like its candidates to make abortion more available by scrapping late-term abortion laws and allowing partial birth abortions. Hoosiers have chosen pro-life leadership throughout the state including the governor’s office, a pro-life supermajority in the General Assembly and most of our representatives in Congress. Killing children moments before birth or as they are being born, is simply radical, and a far departure from Hoosiers’ positions on abortion.

“Gov. Pence is a strong advocate for the unborn, and Hoosiers appreciate his willingness to stand up for life. This year, six pro-life bills passed the Indiana General Assembly with the support of Gov. Pence. EMILY’s List will not be able to convince voters that Indiana needs a governor committed to expanding abortion on demand and undoing common sense laws that protect women.”

Pence is one of 16 Republican lawmakers Emily’s List targeted. He is the only Governor targeted so far.

Click here to read the entire story on Emily’s List.

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