FW’s Smallest Winner Season 8 past halfway point

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) 26 contestants of Fort Wayne’s Smallest Winner are about halfway through their weight loss journey now.

As week nine wraps up, Co-founder Rick Walters and Season eight contestant Drew Bercot joined NewsChannel 15’s Gina Glaros and Meteorologist Rob Lydick on First News to discuss the progress.

Bercot who has lost about 50 pounds so far and is in third place said his wife is eight months pregnant.

“We’re due in July so my biggest motivation was to get in shape so when my kid is born, I can chase him around and not get out of breath after five seconds of that,” said Bercot.

Walters said contestants in season 8 are beating all the previous seasons.

“It’s amazing. Every year is better than the year before and I think the main thing we’ve learned is it isn’t keeping the gas mashed to the floor. We’ve given these guys more breaks, we’ve been more cautious, we have less injuries than we’ve ever had. So, instead of training harder, we’re training smarter and these guys have benefited and had great success from it,” said Walters.

Contestants are running a half-marathon or 10k on the fourth of July weekend. The event is open to the public. It’s located at Deer Ridge Elementary off Scott Road on the Southwest side of Fort Wayne. For more information, visit Fort Wayne’s Smallest Winner.



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