Church launches program to keep summer safe

Dozens gathered at New Beginnings Life Church for the launch of a new program to help keep violence down in the summer.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) A church has launched a summer program Sunday to stop violence in the community. Pastor of New Beginnings Life Church, located at 4119 S. Lafayette Street, Carlton Lynch invited family members whose lives have been changed because of violence to speak at a special service in the morning.

“You know, I was at a crime scene a couple days ago and it seemed like you know, violence was getting ready to go back up and summer hasn’t even began yet,” he said.  “So I invited several people from the community that  lost loved ones because of violence– for some it’s been recent– for some it’s been years ago– but I still think their voices need to be heard.”

The church is starting a program called “Safe Summer 2015.” The church is looking to provide working opportunities and various activities throughout the summer to keep people’s mind off violence.

Lynch said that while homicides in the city are down, shootings have been up. “Violence is violence. So whether it’s homicides or it’s just shootings– it’s a violent crime.”

For more information on New Beginnings Life Church, visit its Facebook page here.

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