Robber helps hyperventilating worker

This Family Dollar store at 1515 Goshen Road was robbed Monday May 18, 2015.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) One of the men involved with robbing a Family Dollar store helped calm down a hyperventilating worker after she was forced to open the store at gunpoint.

Around 6 a.m., while getting ready to open the Family Dollar store at 1515 Goshen Road Monday morning, the worker was interrupted by two men who shook the front door, one with a gun, and demanded to be let inside.

According to an incident report from the Fort Wayne Police Department, the worker fell to the ground as the men continued to shake the door. She eventually let the men inside.

The robber without the gun told the worker that she was not going to get hurt. At one point when she started to hyperventilate, he got a chair for her and also turned on a fan. She told police the other robber with the gun pointed it at her several times.

The men took diapers and 32 packs of cigarettes, which are valued at more than $200. They also took cash from the night deposit bag and opening money for the day.

The man with the gun left the store while the other one stayed behind to watch her go to the back of the store. The worker then called police.

She told officers the suspects knew many details about how the store operated.

The worker said the robbers were described as black males who wore a black and gray sweatshirts with hoods and pants. Both men wore masks but only one man wore gloves.


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