Mad Anthony Brewing Company canning summer seasonal beer

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) –  A local brewing company is now canning beer in the Summit City. Starting Friday, four-pack cans of Mad Anthony’s Summer Daze Wheat are available at select locations in Northeast Indiana.

“It’s the first time in Mad Anthony’s 17 year history that we’ve ever canned one of our beers,” Mad Brew Marketing Coordinator Tiffany Pryor said. “It’s an exciting change for us. We’ve bottled our flagship beers since 1997 now.”

Mad Anthony’s has four breweries in Northeast Indiana. Since two of those are lakeside locations, the company said expanding into canning makes perfect sense. Mad Anthony’s is working with iCan Solutions out of Indianapolis. The company travels across the state to help local breweries can for the day.

“They brought in all of the machinery required to can our beer. They set-up, and then we started running. We did 20 barrels of beer which is 200 cases. We started a little before 9 a.m. and we finished before 2, which isn’t so bad, but it was just a crazy process. You start by unloading the dry cans into the machine. They sanitize them, and then they flush out the oxygen, fill it with beer, put the lid on, rinse it off, and then we just snap four-pack holders on the top and we’re done and ready to go,” Pryor said.

The partnership gives local breweries a chance to give canning a trial run.

“It’s a great option for someone who is not quite sure if canning is the exact venue for them. You can test the waters without the full commitment of buying the machinery. It’s just an obvious solution when you’re just starting out,” Pryor said.

Partnering with iCan isn’t just a one-time option, either. Mad Anthony’s just calls the company anytime it wants to can another one of its beers.

“It can be one of those that we’re looking a week ahead and we’re like man, we really want to can this beer again, and he will drive up with the machinery, park it, load everything, help us can for a day, load back up, and we’re left with the beer.” Pryor said. “Just with how convenient of an option I-Can is, it seems like a partnership that will continue for a while.”

Mad Anthony’s said canning is becoming a popular trend in the industry.

“People are excited because of the flexibility cans give them. You’re able to take them into parks, concert venues, sporting events, so really the options are limitless,” Pryor said. “I really think the craft beer movement is all about creating something for your local community. You’re utilizing typically local ingredients and a local flair that people can really relate to. It’s all about creating a fresh, tasty product. It’s all about ignoring the big brands and doing something that’s great for a community. When you buy local, the tax money stays within our state versus when you buy with the micro brands, the money is shipped elsewhere. It’s like why not do something that’s going to make a big difference in your local area.”

Mad Anthony’s is just canning its Summer Daze Wheat for now, but plans to expand if all goes well.

“There’s hopes that we’ll continue canning a lot of different varieties of our beer, but this is kind of just testing the waters for us. So, if you’re excited, come out and grab a four pack!” Pryor said.

The four-packs are available at the four Mad Anthony Brewing Company locations:

More than 20 liquor stores are also selling them around the region:

  • Belmont Beverage – North Anthony
  • Fort Wayne Belmont Beverage – Riviera Plaza
  • Fort Wayne Belmont Beverage – Maplecrest
  • Fort Wayne Belmont Beverage – Dupont
  • Fort Wayne Belmont Beverage – Lima
  • Fort Wayne Cap N’ Cork – Covington Plaza
  • Fort Wayne Caruso’s Restaurant
  • Angola Dave’s Lake Shack
  • Angola Rudy’s Shop
  • Fort Wayne The Albion Liquor Store
  • Albion Jamison Meats – Dupont
  • Fort Wayne S&V Liquors – Dupont
  • Fort Wayne S&V Liquors – Maplecrest
  • Fort Wayne House of Spirits
  • Auburn House of Spirits
  • Kendallville Gays Hopps N’ Schnapps
  • Auburn Gays Hopps N’ Schnapps
  • Angola Gays Hopps N’ Schnapps
  • Highway 20 – Angola

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