NOAA Weather Radio Programming Days

The Live Doppler 15 Fury Storm Team is pleased to announce its official “Midland NOAA Weather Radio Programming Days” for 2015.

This year, we’ll be making 4 area stops programming Midland NOAA weather radios to make sure you have them set properly to alert you when severe weather strikes.  You can bring the weather radio you’ve had around for years for us to check out or, of course, you can get a brand new one at all area Kroger and Walgreens stores.  They’re available for purchase through June 30.

While there are many additional ways to receive severe weather alerts today, like TV, text and online, it’s important that you have a “multi-layered” plan in place.  And, an important part of that plan is having a Midland NOAA weather radio in your home.  This way, if storms cause one of the methods of communication to go down (like your TV or cell phone), you still have another option.  Don’t forget, because of it’s LOUD alarm, a Midland NOAA weather radio may prove to be a lifesaver for you and your family when severe storms strike at night.  JC_BLOG_95




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