U.S. Marshals take “worst of the worst” off the streets

These are 24 of the 25 people arrested in Fort Wayne as part of Operation Violence Reduction.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Thousands of people wanted for violent crimes are behind bars across the country after a U.S. Marshals-led initiative.

Operation Violence Reduction focused on finding fugitives wanted for murder, attempted murder, manslaughter, robbery, aggravated assault, arson, abduction/kidnapping, sexual assault and child molestation. Gang members, sex offenders and fugitives with three or more prior felony arrests for violent crimes and wanted for narcotics, weapons offenses, assault/battery and threats were high-priority. It lasted from March 2 to April 10.

Fort Wayne and Allen County police helped the marshals grab 25 fugitives in Fort Wayne. They were among the 54 people arrested in northwest and northeast Indiana, who were part of the 477 offenders arrested in the Marshals Great Lakes Region and nationwide 7,127 violent offenders were taken off the streets.

“By locking someone up on a very violent offense, typically they’re going to get a longer incarceration time that takes them off the street and keeping them off the street has a direct impact on the community because those individuals are often not only committing the violent offenses, but the nonviolent offenses against people like theft and fraud,” Shannon Robinson, Supervisory Inspector for the Great Lakes Regional Fugitive Task Force, said.

Across the country, the arrests included 750 gang members, the seizure of 383 firearms and more than 69 kilograms of illegal narcotics. The charges included 519 for homicide, 922 were for weapons, 1,888 were for assault, 583 for sexual assault, 1,093 for robbery and 2,654 for narcotics. Ten missing children were also found.

While the initiative focused of people wanted for the most egregious offenses, the number of overall arrests was actually even higher.

“When we encounter other people along the way trying to find these individuals that are wanted for warrants we’re going to go ahead and grab them,” Robinson said.

While Operation Violence Reduction may be over, Robinson said the arrests aren’t.

“We are out there every single day, 365 days a year, trying to lock up the worst of the worst. We are committed. Fort Wayne is committed. Allen County is committed. Collaboratively I think we’re going to make a real difference in the community,” Robinson said.

The following is the list of the 25 people arrested in Fort Wayne:

1.Thautry Wesley-Narcotics Violations and Aggravated Assault

2.Haley Bowman-Aggravated Assault

3.Daniel Brooks-Sex Assault

4.Melvin Catterson-Rape and Sexual Assault

5.Steward Dupree-Narcotics Violations

6.Jenoire Howard-Aggravated Assault and Weapons Offense

7.Devon Hutcherson-Child Molestation

8.Billy Johnson-Child Molestation

9.Brandon Keener-Narcotics Violations

10.Jermaine Washington-Weapons Offense

11.Kelsey Wireman-Narcotics Violations

12.Jamar Wright-Narcotics Violations

13.Sheila Woods-Parole Violation

14.Justin Priest-Assault

15.Mark Moye-Child Molestation

16.Keith West-Aggravated Assault

17.Carl Meyer-Narcotics Violations

18.Donald Smith-Narcotics Violations

19.Dustin Young-Narcotics Violations

20.Brian Carrier-Sexual Assault

21.Darryl Clavin-Burglary

22.Jaime Fernandez-Child Molestation

23.Justin Siscoe-Probation Violation

24.Seabron Dock-Weapons Offense

25.Tyler Boyd-Child Molestation

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