YWCA rallies to make strides for gender pay equality

The YWCA hosted an Equal Pay Day Rally at its 1610 Spy Run Avenue in Fort Wayne on April 14, 2015.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) Nationally, for every dollar a man makes at his job, a woman will make 77 to 78 cents, according to statistics from the YWCA. Tuesday April 14, 2015 marks the day of the year where women catch up to the earnings a man would have made by the end of the previous year. It’s also known as Equal Pay Day.

On Tuesday, in recognition of Equal Pay Day, the YWCA of Northeast Indiana hosted an Equal Pay Day Rally at its office located at 1060 Spy Run Ave.

Last year, Equal Pay Day was on April 8. In the year before, Equal Pay Day was April 18, 2013. President and CEO of the YWCA Debby Beckman said those numbers are, “not the way we want to see this to go.”

“From the time we started tracking [equal pay] in 1960… It would take 98 years for women to equal in pay,” Beckman said. That would be year 2058.

“This really doesn’t just impact women,” Beckman said. “It impacts our whole community.”

In Indiana, women earn less than the national average. Statewide, women make 74 cents to every dollar a man makes, and in Fort Wayne women earn 72 cents to every dollar.

Beckman said the disparities get worse for women of color, “which is pretty sad. We seem to have lots of employment in northeast Indiana, but yet that’s what the stats show.”

Beckman and the YWCA said people should use this day to think about paying everyone equally and creating a livable wage to live and raise a family on without public assistance.

“So I think the challenge is that –what we think we know we have– let’s go back and look, and let’s put those stats out there and be proud if we are paying everyone equally,” she said.

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