Contractors to rally against repeal of construction wage law

Indiana Statehouse, Indianapolis (File Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana contractors plan to rally against a bill that would repeal the state’s law that sets wages for public construction projects.

Monday’s rally at the Statehouse falls on the same day that Senate members are expected to vote on the measure, which would eliminate the boards that set wages for state or local building projects which cost more than $350,000.

Supporters argue that the wages are set artificially high and hinder the competitive market from lowering bid prices and saving taxpayer money.

The Indiana Building Contractors Alliance is hosting the rally and represents 4,000 contractors that support the 80-year-old Common Construction Wage law.

Those contractors say repealing the law will decrease labor productivity, construction quality and worker salaries, and would open the door for low-paying, out-of-state contractors to underbid.

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