Cargo plane still at FWA after emergency landing

A cargo plane sits on a runway at FWA after making an emergency landing Sunday night.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Crews with the IFL Group will be heading to the Fort Wayne International Airport to check on its Boeing 727-200 cargo plane that made an emergency landing at FWA Sunday night after the crew reported smoke in the cockpit.

Online flight records indicated the plane departed Oakland County International Airport at 10:10 p.m. and was scheduled to land sometime Monday at Laredo International Airport in Texas.

Flight records show the Boeing 727-200's path before it landed at FWA. (Courtesy:
Flight records show the Boeing 727-200’s path before it landed at FWA. (Courtesy:

The plane diverted course at 10:36 p.m. and landed at FWA at 10:55 p.m. Flight records indicate the plane was flying at approximately 36,000 feet when it diverted course and immediately began a descent into FWA.

FWA Public Safety said airport crews called the Fort Wayne Fire Department due to the amount of fuel on board the aircraft. Officials did not know how much fuel the aircraft was carrying, but thought it was fairly full since it recently departed.

The aircraft landed safely and three crew members were able to exit without incident. Emergency personnel believe they may have found the issue, but can’t say for sure if it was the source of the problem.

“Once the aircraft got on the ground, it shut the air conditioning off, and the smoke dissipate. Not speculating that was the problem,” said Scott Hinderman, with the Fort Wayne-Allen County Airport Authority.

Fire officials found no flames on the aircraft.

It’s unclear what cargo the aircraft was carrying.

The plane was labeled “IFL Group” with a tail number of N215WE. IFL Group is a company that handles air cargo transportation for a variety of industries to several national and international destinations, according to the company’s website.

IFL Group is based in Waterford, Michigan and handles some contract charters for General Motors and Ford. IFL Group operates approximately 28 planes, including three 727-200s.

Airport officials said ground operations at FWA were not interrupted.

Hinderman said IFL Group’s mechanics were in en route to Fort Wayne as of Monday to investigate the issue and fix it. It’s unclear when the plane will be cleared to fly again.

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