Community wellness program helps get kids in the kitchen

Carly Thompson teaches a child how to cook at Operation Fight For a Fitter Fort's Kids in the Kitchen program on April 11, 2015.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) Operation Fight For a Fitter Fort (OPF4) was back in action Saturday hosting an event focused at getting kids involved with cooking.

Kids in the Kitchen was held at the McMillen Park Community Center Saturday to help families learn about how to get their children involved in the kitchen by making their own healthy snacks and helping to prepare meals.

“Cooking doesn’t have to be as complicated as people think. It’s just a matter of thinking a head a little bit and being a bit creative,” Carly Thompson, an intern with OPF4, said.

Each featured meal was chosen because it is a low cost, quick and heathy meal. Some of the recipes at the event included a tuna pot pie, fish and green beans dish, curry in a hurry pizza, egg in a mug, overnight oatmeal and pasta in a bag.

For more information on OPF4 and staying healthy, visit the organization’s website here.

OPF4 is a Fort Wayne community wellness initiative to encourage individuals to implement lifestyle changes that include fitness, nutrition, wellness, and activities. OPF4’s mission is for residents to lose a collective 500,000 pounds by the end of 2016. To date, more than 1,100 individuals have signed up to participate. 

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