Community helps with couple’s medical costs one pancake at a time

Greg and Donette Marden sit at a table at Faith Baptist Church where friends and family held a pancake breakfast to help raise funds for their medical bills.
A pancake breakfast was held to raise funds to help pay for a couple's medical bills on Saturday April 11, 2015.
A pancake breakfast was held to raise funds to help pay for a couple’s medical bills on Saturday April 11, 2015.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) A couple in need is getting the support of the community.  Greg and Donette Marden have had list of medical procedures causing them to have mounting medical bills, and on top of it all, Greg lost his health insurance and has been forced to go on Medicare.

On Saturday, Faith Baptist Church, where Donette teaches pre-school, held a pancake breakfast. The money from the breakfast will go to pay medical costs and provide grocery gift cards.

Greg, a 31-year veteran of the United States Army and the Fort Wayne Police Department, has battled kidney failure for several years. In 2008, his wife Donette donated her kidney to avoid dialysis. However, years later that kidney failed.

Since then, he began dialysis and has suffered many complications including:  loss of sight, several heart attacks, fluid build-up in his lungs and partial leg amputation. Greg’s been hospitalized and has had more than 100 medical procedures.

In addition to Greg’s medical issues, Donette has been diagnosed with melanoma and has undergone several procedures as well.

The costs the couple has assumed from their health problems inspired their community to host the fundraiser.

“I don’t think words can describe what it’s doing for them,” event organizer and fellow teacher at Faith Baptist Church Lynn Bereman said. ”Often times we don’t think of the police force in a fond way and to see the community come out and support– that touches everyone’s heart.”

“He’s put his life on the line for us, both in the military and the police force,” she said.

Anyone interested in helping the Marden family can contact Faith Baptist Church.


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