Legislators work to pass bills after RFRA debate

Indiana Statehouse, Indianapolis (File Photo)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Indiana legislators have been working behind the scenes to pass bills during the Religious Freedom Restoration Act debate the last week. According to one representative, the distraction has caused an issue with what has been going on last week.

“What goes unnoticed is all the committee hearings, and bills that were voted on and passed and now may go to conference committee, some may go to the governor,” said Rep. Martin Carbaugh.

As far as the budget, Carbaugh mentioned possible grant money that could be coming to our region, which could go toward riverfront development. Carbaugh said he wants the school funding formula to be fixed so there can be equal based funding for all districts, but additional funding for schools that are dealing with challenges.

The Indiana House passed the draft version of the Senate’s proposed budget, according to Carbaugh. Legislators will now be heading to conference committees to add final touches to bills that have yet to be passed.

“They’ve been through this certain thing before. They know how to adjust. They know how to get things done,” said Andy Downs with the Mike Downs Center for Indiana Politics, describing how Indiana lawmakers are able to work under tight deadlines.

The 2015 legislation session ends April 29.

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