Tornadoes can happen anywhere

When it comes to tornadoes, it’s important to recognize that they can and do happen just about anywhere – they know no boundaries.

There’s a myth that twisters can’t cross rivers or the places where multiple rivers meet. Live footage of a tornado forming in Springfield, Massachusetts back in the summer of 2011 proves otherwise. The truth is that many tornadoes have crossed rivers, and they do so without losing speed, causing widespread damage to cities and towns on either side.

While tornadoes are less common in the mountains due to cooler and more stable air, they are not impossible. Tornadoes have actually been spotted at elevations of 12,000 feet in places like Colorado and California.

Don’t think a few tall buildings and skyscrapers will stop tornadoes, either. Tornadoes have moved through several large cities including St. Louis, Miami, Salt Lake City, and even downtown Indianapolis. Urban tornadoes can actually be more dangerous with higher amounts of debris being tossed around and a larger population affected. Many of you may remember a tornado that moved through the city of Fort Wayne, too. A notable F2 tornado moved northeastward through the city back in May of 2001, causing damage on the north side of town – especially near the Northcrest Shopping Center.

Beware not to get sucked into a false sense of security and make sure you know where to go to seek shelter!

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