Severe weather stats

Do you know the difference between a severe weather watch and a warning? Knowing the difference between them is important so you know how and when to act. A watch, whether it be severe thunderstorm or tornado, means conditions are favorable for the development of dangerous storms and you should keep an eye to the sky. A warning means dangerous weather is occurring, or could occur within minutes and you need to take immediate action.

Our area typically sees about 9 tornadoes each year, with the whole state averaging around 20 twisters annually. Our area is not technically considered to be part of Tornado Alley but we are just east of it. More often than not, the convection from Tornado Alley actually ends up giving us cloud cover, making us not as favorable for supercell development. Big outbreaks do still occur on occasion, though. According to the National Weather Service, our area hasn’t seen a major event since the Super Outbreak of 1974.

Overall, the last two years have been pretty quiet across the entire United States in terms of severe weather. Stats compiled by the National Weather Service indicate that our area had 133 total severe weather warnings in 2014. The state of Indiana saw a total of 26 tornadoes in 2014, while Ohio saw 19 – both about on par for average tornadoes in a year.

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