Safety plans

There’s always something fun to do in The Summit City! With that in mind, there’s a chance that you and your family may find yourself outside when severe weather strikes. We spoke with leaders of some of the main attractions in Fort Wayne about their safety plans they have in place, all of which say safety is a top priority.

Parkview Field President Mike Nutter recalls a time last year when they had to evacuate more than 13,500 people during Countryfest. They used several key evacuation points to keep attendees safe, including the Grand Wayne Center, the Harrison parking garage, the clubhouse levels, and in less severe instances, under the concourse.

The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo is not only concerned about the safety of visitors, but also the animals. According to Cheryl Piropato, spokesperson for the zoo, the staff alert guests of approaching storms. If action is required, the staff act quickly to move guests and animals to designated shelters within the zoo grounds.

Randy Brown, General Manager of the Memorial Coliseum, says their crew closely monitors the weather conditions and will evacuate guests to a lower level, concrete, expo hall if necessary. The space has room for some 7,000 to 8,000 people with restrooms and amenities to keep visitors comfortable and safe.

And then of course, there’s Headwaters Park, where numerous festivals take place during severe weather season. Geoff Paddock, who heads up Headwaters, says they also monitor incoming storms and use staff to direct guests to the safest locations. He says that sometimes includes the viaducts or the city-county building parking garage.

Staying informed, staying aware, and having an action plan in place at these popular venues are critical to guest safety. That same model will keep you and your family safe at home when severe storms strike!

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