Legal action taken against Lafayette business that owes $123K in taxes

Photo taken March 27, 2015, shows TLC Home Healthcare located on Scott Street in Lafayette, Ind. (WLFI Photo)

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — The State of Indiana has taken legal action Friday against a Lafayette-based home health care provider who owes more than $123,000 in unpaid taxes.

The Indiana Attorney General’s Office, representing the Indiana Department of Revenue, has obtained a temporary restraining order against TLC Home Healthcare Inc., located at 1920 Scott St., and its owner Sandra Aldridge. The state has given the company 90-days before closing in order to give customers time to find alternative home health care arrangements.

Indiana Attorney Greg Zoeller said as the state government’s lawyer, we stand with our client as it pursues those who shirk their tax obligations.

“When one business chooses to not pay its taxes, it can undercut its competitors on price, which is not only illegal but unfair to law-abiding businesspeople who pay their taxes on time,” Zoeller said.

According to 69 tax warrants from 2005 to 2014, TLC Home Healthcare failed to pay remit more than $123,500 in withholding tax and corporate income tax to the state. In Indiana, most businesses must deduct taxes from employees’ wages, hold the taxes in trust and remit them to the Indiana Department of Revenue and IRS.

The court order Friday prohibits any assets of TLC Home Healthcare from being sold or transferred pending further order of the court. Zoeller said as the tax warrants are civil court judgments, the restraining order serves as a post-judgment enforcement action.

At the April 6 hearing in Tippecanoe County, Aldridge will have the opportunity to present her case.

The state is requesting that the business be ordered to close within 90 days — meaning the business cannot take on any new customers, and it’s only open for the purpose of caring for those who have not found other arrangements yet.

If a permanent restraining order is granted, the business must close within 90 days and discontinue all services or it would be in contempt of court. It would not be allowed to reopen until its debt could be resolved.

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