Germanwings: Victims include 72 Germans, 35 Spaniards

People hold a minute of silence in front of Liceo of Barcelona in Barcelona, Spain, Wednesday, March 25, 2015. Sixteen 10th-grade students from a town in western Germany and two of their teachers had just spent a week on an exchange near Barcelona and were less than an hour from landing when their Germanwings flight crashed in southern France. Officials confirmed Tuesday they were among the 150 people who died in the crash, including what are believed to be 67 Germans, many Spaniards and one person from the Netherlands. (AP Photo/Manu Fernandez)

Germanwings says 150 people were aboard the plane that crashed in the French Alps on Tuesday, but it has not yet given a final toll of the victims’ nationalities. The company says it’s still trying to reach the relatives of some victims and that the count is complicated because some passengers may have held dual citizenship.

Here’s a look at what is known about the victims’ nationalities:

— 72 Germans, confirmed by Germanwings.

— 35 Spaniards, according to Germanwings; Spain says there may be up to 49.

— 3 British, confirmed by the government, which says there may be more. Germanwings could only confirm 1 British.

— 3 Kazakhs, confirmed by the government

— 2 Americans, confirmed by Germanwings.

— 2 Argentines, confirmed by Germanwings.

— 2 Australians, confirmed by the government and Germanwings.

— 2 Colombians, confirmed by the government. Germanwings listed 1 Colombian.

— 2 Iranians, confirmed by Germanwings.

— 2 Japanese, confirmed by the government. Germanwings listed 1 Japanese.

— 2 Mexicans, confirmed by government. Germanwings listed 1 Mexican.

— 2 Venezuelans, confirmed by Germanwings.

— 1 Belgian, confirmed by Germanwings.

— 1 Dane, confirmed by the government and Germanwings.

— 1 Dutch, confirmed by the government and Germanwings.

— 1 Israeli, confirmed by the government and Germanwings.

— 1 Moroccan, confirmed by French Prime Minister Manuel Valls.

— 1 Turk, confirmed by the government.


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